Monday, 18 February 2013 00:00

It Was a Thrill

The dust has settled since our last post, and we’re happy to report that staff turnover remains low. The team is hard at work getting The Great Big School Yard Good-bye Waving Game ready for print while our electronic elves are busy readying Daddy Is That the Best You Got? for the ebook world.

We don’t just do Children’s Books, though. The Iron Icon imprint will feature hard-hitting, mind-bending, soul-searching fiction. We know that there are plenty of thrillers out there, where the narrator pulls you by the shirt, hurtling you from one scene to the next, watching fist fights, stepping over dead bodies and taking cover from gunfire. Many are free from the complications of meaningful dialogue or a plot. Some step up the intrigue by throwing in missile launchers, hand-offs at the train station in Vienna, “drops”, desert hideouts and ostentatious wealth. We love reading all of them. For who can deny the pleasure of reading about the demise of any terrorist/dirt bag/slime bucket/bad guy?



Some people might wonder where that bad guy goes after he's disposed of. Because when you consider not just the consequences in this life, but also the next, then the stakes are raised. Not just raised. Skyrocketed. That is why we’re so excited about our first thriller. It doesn’t even have a name yet. Well, it has a name, but we’re not telling anyone. We’ve said too much already.

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